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UOR Client


The UOR client helps you build, publish, and retrieve UOR collections as an OCI artifact.

The workflow to publish a collection is to gather files for a collection in a directory workspace and use the build sub-command. During the build process, the tag for the remote destination is specified.

This build action will store the collection in a build cache. This location can be specified with the UOR_CACHE environment variable. The default location is ~/.uor/cache.

After the collection has been stored, it can be retrieved and pushed to the registry with the push sub-command.

Collections can be retrieved from the cache or the remote location (if not stored) with the pull sub-command. The pull sub-command also allows for filtering of the collection with an attribute query configuration file.

uor-client-go [flags]


  -h, --help              help for uor-client-go
-l, --loglevel string Log level (debug, info, warn, error, fatal) (default "info")